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Room 113

Berlin; The hotel I’m staying in is clearly haunted. On every floor, each side of the wall is painted a different color. On my floor, the left side is blood red and the right side a manic yellow. It is very disconcerting and leaves one feeling lopsided. 

There are no cupboards or dressers in my room but across from my bed, there is a massive plastic coated blown up photo of a woman gently trying to remove her eye.

All other furniture in the room is oversized and on wheels. This includes the plush Goldilocks like chairs in the lobby downstairs. No one sits in these chairs. 

Earlier on, I opened my door on to hallway into pitch darkness. I let out a scream and had to use the flashlight app on my phone. I took two tentative steps when reluctantly one by one the bulbs slowly flickered on. 

“ Yessss” responded  the desk clerk when I asked about it. “Zay are all on motion zenzors.”

I will be sleeping with the bathroom light on. If I sleep. 

Most horrifying of all, breakfast is not included.  

Zweet Dreams.  

Zweet Dreams.