It’s Not a Competition. As Long As You Win

Today in my daughter’s music class, the musician offered the microphone to a bunch of little kids and encouraged them to sing. They were useless, toddling up but remaining mute. Affecting modesty when they’d spent the session screaming out the names of colors (often incorrectly) trying to murder their siblings and throwing shakers and bells across the room. 

One by one they stood there, silently squandering their chance to be in limelight. Finally, it was my daughter’s turn. Slowly, and with deliberation she took the mic.  She sang Itsy-Bitsy Spider flawlessly. 

She killed the room. Other parents kept throwing me glances of envy.

I was too busy weeping tears of joy. Too busy living in the moment to film it and then post it on social media.

I will never forgive myself. 

Mommy Darkest