Mommy Darkest

I have written a children's book and two novels. Love is Red and Crown of Stars. I like to describe their style as ‘If Margaret Atwood and Stephen King had a love child and that love child was Neil Gaiman.’ You are welcome to buy them and share your feedback with me, provided that feedback is warm, fuzzy and supportive accompanied by five stars on Amazon. The New York Times quite liked them too.

I used to think my books were very, very scary. Then I had a toddler and then a baby. 

Before I wrote frightening novels, I wrote musical theater. And that world, my friends, makes any horror pale in comparison. Musical theater writers are terrifying. The worst part is that I still write musical theater. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a show tune. 

I am married to an amazing man. I met him online and I will never let him go. I exchanged two obsidian dragon eggs for him. Worth it. 

I also have an amazing toddler. She is musical, verbal, and loves cheese and sharp knives. She will stop suddenly and say “I think I hear something” in our empty apartment. 

She makes her mamma proud. 

I love cooking, eating, reading, applause and making fun of all the side effects that the advertiser has to list when selling medicine. I find fictional murder very comforting and fall asleep to Agatha Christie. I am terrible at writing thank you notes but will I compensate by feeling guilty for the rest of my life about it. 

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